Twelfth Night

12th- 16th February 2019 6:30pm 


Viola washes up on the shore after loosing her brother, Sebastian in a ship wreck. After dressing in his clothing, she winds up in Club Illyria, a place for partying, love triangles and drag performers. Viola then gets swept up into a love triangle and drunken antics ensue with some yellow stockings. Club Illyria is a place where anything is possible and nothing is what it seems.

Meet the team

Anastasia Matteini - Roberts


Anastasia was last seen in New Zealand directing a sold-out season of Mambo Italiano at BATS Theatre in 2016. She spent a semester abroad in Milan, Italy studying Commedia Dell'Arte and exploring Europe. Anastasia was excited to return to New Zealand for the MFA program after spending the last year teaching Drama to Chinese children in Beijing, China. A native of London, Anastasia now lives again in Wellington, New Zealand where you may find her speaking Italian and knitting like a grandma. Anastasia is the artistic director of Yellow Stocking Theatre Company, a new Theatre company dedicated to 16th Century Theatre, which will be premiering with Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.


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