Low Level Panic

5th,7th,8th,9th February 2019 8:30pm 


NZ Premiere. Three flatmates getting ready for a party, a porno, and a shared bathroom. Join Mary, Jo, and Celia as they navigate their sexual fantasy, body image and the societal pressure to behave and look a certain way.  Low Level Panic, a New Zealand premiere that is not to be missed.

Meet the team

Harriette Barker


Harriette Barker is a seasoned performer but emerging director. After enjoying performing for the past ten plus years, she has decided to explore a new facet of the performing arts world, directing. Whilst feeling nervous at first, she has dived into the challenge and hopes to learn about working with actors, publicists and production managers/stage managers/ producers. Her work has always been informed by feminist theatre, and dance theatre makers, having a diverse interest in dance, opera and theatre. She has been working hard throughout her MFA and hopes that her production of Low Level Panic helps you think about the way beauty is portrayed in advertising. 


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