Order Up

12th- 16th February 2019 9:00pm 


Order Up is to be a newly written and devised Cabaret show inspired by the stories of Hospitality workers local to Wellington. Order up is an honest retelling of the humbling and horrifying stories that expose the way people treat each other when there is a segregation between the server and those being served.

Meet the team

Nino Raphael


Nino’s engagement with theatre started when he first joined Wellington’s Long Cloud Youth Theatre at the age of 16 directed then, by Willem Wassenaar. It was there he was introduced to a strong ensemble approach to making scripted and devised theatre. Being just one cog in a large machine, he always felt his offers and expertise with music had value, contributing to the company and to the final show. As a theatre director Nino strives to foster a strong collaborative environment.


Nino completed a conjoint BMus in performance voice and a BA in theatre at VUW in 2017. In his MFA studies he is focussing on theatre direction.

Studying at Vic given him the has facilities and the means to create his own theatre company made up from Vic students, VUWAE, (VUW Actor’s Ensemble)”

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