Thinking Dolphins

12th- 16th February 2019 7:00pm 


Frank Robson was a man who could speak to dolphins, telepathically of course. Take a journey through his life in the 1960’s in the Hawkes Bay region, come and experience Frank’s dolphin friends within a snippet of his career, through this show, Thinking Dolphins.

Meet the team

Mark Nicholas

Writer and Production Designer

Hi there! I’m Mark Nicholas and my show is ‘Thinking Dolphins’. I am the productions designer and writer. I am currently part was through my Masters of Fine Arts, specialising in Scenography and Script Writing. I finished my undergraduate with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Theatre and Media and minoring in English Literature. I work on my Masters through the week and in the weekend I work as a Barista! I also own a candle company called ‘WAXY BOY’ I make amazing soya wax candles in many beautiful smelling fragrances.


Through my Masters of Fine Arts I want to learn to discover my own design process. I want to understand how complete the appropriate steps within my process, for my designs and ideas to reach there full potential.  


I will be designing and Building the set that will be in ‘Thinking Dolphins’. This will enable me to grasp my process in a creative learning environment, surrounded by piers and mentors.


I am very excited to be telling the story of Frank Robson – who is the main protagonist within my play. Frank was a man from the Hawkes Bay around the 1960’s he could speak to Dolphins. Through ‘Thinking Dolphins’ you will take an adventure through Frank’s life and career, meet all of his dolphin friends and hi enemies…


Thank you so much for reading. Hope you can come and see my show!


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