11-15 February at 7:00pm

60 minutes

Random Stage, BATS Theatre

Full Price $20

Group 6+ $17

Concession Price $15

“Oh gosh, we thought it was the end of the world!”

On the 89th year after the 1931 Napier Earthquake Echo Theatre NZ launches their show Fracture. Amidst the worst economic depression for 50 years, at 10:47 AM, 3 February 1931 reports came in that a massive quake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale had struck the region of Hawkes Bay. Fracture engages with the experiences of the individuals during the Hawkes Bay Earthquake in a gripping and distinctive way.

The past meets stage in this verbatim lead exploration into the experiences of the quake's survivors, Open your mind in this unparalleled insight into one of New Zealand’s darkest day. Using dynamic ensemble and physical work Fracture immerses audiences in this dramatic retelling of the Napier Earthquake and delves into what it is to live in New Zealand communities in crisis.

Fracture is Echo Theatre NZ's debut performance, a new show that engages audiences with New Zealand History in a detailed and compelling way. 

Director - Jacob Cleghorn

Assistant Director - Isabella Murray Producer - Beth Taylor

Stage Manager - Revena Correll Trnka

Performers - Prea Millar, Che-Dylan Ihaka-Hohua, Alia Marshall, Zoe Christall and Harri Hashim

Set Designers - Brooke Soulsby and Scott Maxim

Sound Designer - Dom Flanagan

Lighting Designer - Rebekah de Roo

Publicist - Isabella Murray Graphic

Designer - Rebekah de Roo