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Hush: From an actor's perspective

Finnian Nacey, actor from HUSH gives us an inside scoop on what the process has taught him so far.

Working on Hush has so far been an amazing and insightful experience. Both Julian and Pauline have so much passion for this subject matter and project, and this comes through in the rehearsal space. They've created a safe place where we're not afraid to play or make mistakes, and I've felt pushed as a performer in the best possible way.

Julian's script serves to deconstruct archetypes and traditional elements of queer storytelling, and shines a light on a time in New Zealand history that doesn't get enough attention. As a group, we've had in-depth discussions about New Zealand's attitude towards the LGBT+ community both past and present, which has opened my eyes to how far we've come as a country and how far we've yet to go.

This is such an important story; it's the type of show that, had I seen it as a queer guy in my mid-teens, I would've found it so illuminating and it would've reinforced the idea that we are not alone.

I can't wait to share Hush and the story of Matt, Marcus, Donna, and David with everybody.

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