Six Degrees Festival

© 2018 by Beth Taylor

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Distraught after the death of her longtime friend and collaborator, a dancer attempts to pick up the pieces of her life.  As she endeavors to choreograph a new dance work, she can't help but feel her late friend's presence.

Dance Me To The End is an original theatre piece that brings new technologies to traditional theatre.  Director Carrie Thiel and her team of talented artists and technicians present ten minutes of VR immersive theatre.

The production draws on Thiel's love of dance, and her extensive experience using motion capture, to take both participant and performer on a soulful journey to awareness and connection.  

As a VR Participant, you will engage in the performance while audience members view the technology and follow the narrative with you.   It is sure to be an unforgettable event.

  • Book a VRP (Virtual Reality Participant) session!  Experience a new mode of storytelling. Immerse yourself in the narrative.

  • Book an audience ticket!  Audience members will be witness to the live performance as well as an observer's view of the VR world our participant is experiencing.

  • If you prefer not to have an audience witnessing your VR experience, we have private sessions available.  Please email  to book. Limited private tickets available.

Please allow 20-60 minutes to complete. VRPs are invited to join the audience once their VR experience has concluded. Audience may enter and leave between VR experiences.

Director: Carrie Thiel

Performer: Laura Jones

VR Technical Director: Ed Davis

Original Music & Sound Design: Chris Winter

VFX Artist: Cory Bedwell

Production/Stage Manager: Crystal Pulkowski

Production Assistant: Christopher Allan Moore

Poster/Graphic Design: Hamish Boyle

Festival Producer: Beth Taylor


60 minutes (maximum)