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Distraught after the death of her longtime friend and collaborator, Anna attempts to pick up the pieces of her life.  When she returns to the studio to choreograph a new dance work, she feels something, or perhaps someone...  What is this presence and how does she embrace it?  Step into the scene and find out.

Dance Me To The End is an original theatre piece that brings new technologies to traditional theatre.  It merges the physical with VR, creating a tangible human connection inside a VR space.  

Having a strong foundation in theatre, a love of dance, and extensive experience directing performance capture for Oscar Award winning digital visual effects teams, director Carrie Thiel seeks to create connectivity using multimedia, motion capture and virtual reality technologies in a theatre setting.  

For this production she teams up with professional dancer Laura Jones (@ladylaurajones), veteran sound designer Chris Winter (, and 3D180 VR filmmaker Ed Davis ( to culminate these elements, and bring you a brand new experience - VR immersive theatre.  

Dance Me to the End is a twenty minute intimate and immersive experience that takes a VR participant and a solo performer on a soulful journey to awareness and connection.

As the VR Participant, you will gently enter Anna's world and be invited to experience the intersection of physical and virtual realities.  Engage in the performance.  Become a character in the story yourself.  Interact with the performer and digital puppet simultaneously.  

While this on stage experience is happening, a small audience will follow the narrative with you and view the whole experience through different lenses with the help of projection, sound and live performance.  

“For me, it is a new way to experience theatre that celebrates the depth of human to human connection.”  Christopher Allan Moore (Test VRParticipant)

“There are only two other shows in the world that I know of that are currently attempting this type of fusion.  So along with those brave technicians and artists, it would seem we are pioneering this work and new mode of storytelling.”  Carrie Thiel (Director, Dance Me to the End)

Dance Me to the End is presented with transparency, kindness, warmth and an understanding of the different reactions that we all may have to the work.

Join us and experience it for yourself, as a virtual reality participant or an audience member!