Why Are We Still Here?


5th,7th,8th,9th February 2019 6:30pm 


Four lost women find shelter in a desolate old building during a violent storm. To their surprise, the building isn't actually abandoned, and the two previous occupants are thoroughly taken by their new guests. Why Are We Still Here? is a tale of desperation, grief, found families and how hard it is to truly 'move on' from life. It's a ghost story - except the ghosts are mostly more lost than threatening.

Meet the team

Emma Maguire

Writer and Director

Emma Maguire is a 22-year old actor and writer, formally from Gisborne. She completed her Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University in 2017, and went straight on into the Theatre MFA (CP) Programme from there. Her first show Why Are We Still Here? is an experimental piece, exploring desperation and grief (somewhat) through the medium of dance. In her spare she likes long forest walks and writing terrible timesatirierotica. Check out more of her work on the following link.


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