The Extinction Paradox

11 - 15 February at 8:30pm

90 minutes

The Heyday Dome, BATS Theatre

Full Price $20

Group 6+ $17

Concession Price $15

5 humans. 3 futures. 1 chance to save us from ourselves.

The Extinction Paradox is now upon us. Can an accidental assembly of acquaintances prove humanity are capable of protecting Earth? They will have to, or the opportunity will be taken from us. Forced to navigate through simulations of three different futures, they face challenges including climate change, ethical conflicts of humanity’s own creation, challenges on who to trust, their own conflicting ethics and humanity’s will and ability to change. It’s up to this rag-tag team of misfits from Earth to demonstrate that humanity will stride through the challenges of today and future ages!

In the style of Black Mirror but on stage, spiked with humour and higher, more directly dire stakes than ever, this thrilling adventure dares to ask and explore the difficult question: what do we/should we do now to fix the world?

Are we, the human species, the disease that’s better polished off for the planet to survive?