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Monkey is a story written by a well-known Asian-New Zealand playwright Lynda Chanwai-Earle, inspired by the famous Chinese tale called Journey to the West about youngsters who experience bullying and ethnic challenges at school and ultimately unite to discover who they truly are. This coming production will be on in the 25th - 27th of January 2023, at Bats Theatre, under the leadership of a Chinese master's student at Victoria University of Wellington, Sharon Li, collaborating with eight kids from Tawa, under the guidance of mentor Rachel Coward from Fun Creative co. Original music from Matt Parkinson. 



The Veil explores the world of Pasifika behaviour through the lens of Pasifika adolescents navigating their way into adulthood; A specific behaviour being the keeping of secrets. Dive further into the heart and mind of Pasifika youth and explore the depths of their truths. Afio mai.



Welcome to 1980's Mauke. After their parents' deaths, Maruakaita is forced to become the sole caregiver of his younger sister Raru. With growing resentment and jealousy of her freedom, Maruakaita crafts a dangerous plan - but when Raru discovers his plot she decides to retaliate with one of her own… Debuting as a jukebox musical in 2023, Raru e Maruakaita explores grief, love, laughter and loss in a close-knit community.



Timelines is an interactive and immersive theatre show that transports audiences back into the past of BATS Theatre where they must work with figures of the past (and maybe future) in order to find their way back to the present day before its too late…


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